‘Arsenal Fan TV, get out of our club!’ – Gunners supporters make their feelings known with chant during Evert

Arsenal Fan TV host Robbie Lyle required a police escort out of Goodison Park after Gunners supporters turned on his channel during the Everton clash.

The media outlet, famous for its public criticism of the club, has been held responsible by many for creating a toxic atmosphere at the club.

Previous managers Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery were regularly slammed on the channel, which allows fans to vent their unfiltered fury after games.

But its views clearly aren’t representative of all Gooners, with a large section of the away faithful calling for an end to AFTV at Goodison Park on Saturday.

The travelling supporters could be heard chanting, ‘Arsenal Fan TV, get out of our club’.

And AFTV host Robbie Lyle was confronted by Arsenal fans outside the ground after the game as the situation became more unsavoury.

Mikel Arteta, the new Arsenal manager, was in attendance on Merseyside and one of his biggest challenges will be to lift the mood among fans.

Simon Jordan vs AFTVs Robbie Lyle was a battle for the ages

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Simon Jordan vs AFTVs Robbie Lyle was a battle for the ages

Lyle recently joined talkSPORT to defend the outlet from Simon Jordan’s fierce criticism.

Robbie was keen to have his say after a number of recent outbursts from Jordan, who has attacked the popular YouTube channel throughout the season and recently branded it ‘toxic’ and questioned the IQ of its audience.

But Simon was also itching to respond after being branded ‘a pompous owner and a dinosaur of football’ by Lyle during a recent interview about his comments.

You can watch the debate in full below:

Simon Jordan goes head-to-head with AFTV’s Robbie Lyle is must-listen talkSPORT debate