David Haye stunned at Ben Davison’s quality insight on Deontay Wilder knockouts ahead of Tyson Fury rematch

It’s usually goodnight when Deontay Wilder throws a punch as the majority of his opponents have found out.

The WBC heavyweight champion even admitted to talkSPORT the idea of facing himself scares him.

Wilder has knocked out 41 of his 42 opponents, including Luis Ortiz twice

Sean Michael Ham/Mayweather

Wilder has knocked out 41 of his 42 opponents, including Luis Ortiz twice

Tyson Fury may have taken him the distance, but was still floored en route to that controversial draw in 2018.

Now, he is days away from the rematch, which is live on talkSPORT, though this time he will be without trainer Ben Davison.

But Fury’s loss is BT Sport’s gain as has been demonstrating his impressive knowledge in his punditry work for the broadcaster in the build up to the fight.

And his insight clearly left a mark on former world heavyweight champion David Haye.

David Haye was stunned by Ben Davison’s insight

BT Sport

David Haye was stunned by Ben Davison’s insight

“If you notice Luis Ortiz’s front-foot and the timing of when he lifts his foot up and when Wilder shoots his shot,” Davison explained in one clip as he broke down Wilder’s game.

“The moment he lifts his foot up to step in, Wilder fires. This is a common factor in Wilder knockouts. The moment you step your foot up to him, he commits. And he knows he’s quicker with a longer reach and he will hit the target. The moment you step towards him, he’ll meet you.

“I don’t know if he does it consciously or subconsciously does it, but he did it with [Dominic] Breazeale.

“The moment Breazeale lifted his foot up and came towards him, he nailed him. The moment [Bermane] Stiverne lifted his foot up, he nailed him. The same with [Luis] Ortiz, with [Artur] Szpilka before and even when Ortiz stepped in with a double jab trying to push Wilder back – because people say Wilder can’t box on the back foot – there’s not being able to box on the back foot for you [Wilder lands a heavy shot].

“And if you notice his posture is always the same. He slightly sits over, his back leg is bent and his hand rests in between his nipple and his hip.”

Haye has questioned the decision to part ways with Davison and got into a heated debate with Fury’s dad, John, about it.

Fury Snr claims there were flaws in his work, pointing to the fact he was a personal trainer 12 months ago, which was dismissed by Haye.

Davison will just be an interested spectator like the rest of us on February 22, but it’s hard to imagine he’s going to struggle for work moving forward.