David Haye ‘witnessed greatness’ from Tyson Fury as he perfectly explains why Deontay Wilder got destroyed

Tyson Fury proved to everyone once again why he’s one of the very best heavyweights of his generation with a legacy defining performance in Las Vegas on Saturday.

The Gypsy King forced Deontay Wilder’s team to throw in the towel in the seventh round after utterly dominating the entire fight with two knock downs to boot.

Tyson Fury finally has a world title belt in his possession once more

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Tyson Fury finally has a world title belt in his possession once more

Fury said he was going to come out and take the fight to the WBC champion and not many fans, least of all Wilder himself, believed the 31-year-old would do that.
Nobody has fought fire with fire against Wilder before and won due to his paralysing power, but Fury never gave him a chance to get into the fight.
It was a truly remarkable performance and one of the best in a title fight in recent memory.

David Haye was sitting at ringside for BT Sport during the fight and he couldn’t believe what he witnessed.

“I don’t know what it looked like to everyone at home, but watching it here, I witnessed greatness. That’s what that was.”
Haye also perfectly explained a major problem for Wilder that led to the loss.
“That kind of pressure is hard to negate,” Haye began to explain.

“He’s coming out, he’s coming back in and look at Wilder; his legs are straight and that’s what happens when you don’t have quads to hold your weight a little lower, to ride the shots. But he’s never needed to do it because he punches so hard.

Wilder could not live with Fury from the get-go

Wilder could not live with Fury from the get-go

“His biggest downfall is his biggest weapon. His power has allowed him to go through boxing up until this level with no problems. He didn’t know that existed. He didn’t know that pain he felt there existed in boxing, and now he knows.

“Fury was so calculated in every department and as you can see, I’m pretty impressed [laughs].”

Haye, a former world champion in his own right, was set to fight Fury on two occasions earlier on in his career but pulled out through injury twice.

As you can imagine, Fury was very angry at the time, but there’s nothing like a sensational performance in the sport they both love to bring the pair together again, right?