Monty Panesar admits to using mints and sun cream for ‘ball-tampering’ while playing for England

Monty Panesar openly admitted to ball-tampering while playing for England but insisted he believed it was not cheating.

Panesar took 167 wickets in 50 Tests and also played 26 one day internationals.

The 37-year-old was on the Jim White show on talkSPORT speaking about his new book The Fully Monty.

The spinner explained the techniques he would use to alter the condition of the ball.

Monty Panesar admitted to using mints and sun cream to change the condition of the ball

“It’s not cheating it’s like bending the rules,” he told talkSPORT. “It’s like when we pay our taxes we always have loop holes. We go to the accountant and he says he can do this and do that, which is all acceptable but just bending the rules.

“I used to get a mint, this sugar, and put it in my mouth. I’d be down at fine leg, mix the sugar and saliva together, come up to mid-on pass the ball and start shining it up.

“The ball would be hooping everywhere and we would be off the field very quickly and everyone is happy.

Panesar played 50 Test matches for England

“I would do that and shine it up and give it to the fast bowler. He would look at it and think ‘this is great, I can see my face on it’.

“I did it for England. I did it in first-class cricket. I’m openly admitting to that.

“Factor 50 Nivea sun cream gives you the best shine as well. I used to always go to Superdrug and buy that.

“It’s not ball-tampering it’s been going on for years. It’s just adding sugar to your saliva to make it shine better.”

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Under Law 41.3 of the Laws of Cricket, a player is allowed to polish the ball provided that no artificial substance has been used.

Australian duo Steve Smith and David Warner have received boos from the crowds at the Cricket World Cup following their involvement in the ball-tampering scandal last year.

Cameron Bancroft used a piece of sandpaper to change the condition of the ball and all three were subsequently banned.

Virat Kohli encouraged the India fans to not boo Smith, who was fielding on the boundary at the time.

“I was there at the India vs Australia game and I thought it was a real good classy gesture from Virat Kohli to say ‘come on guys, he’s had his year’s punishment, let’s just support cricket and you fans are what make cricket. Let’s not boo because that has a huge impact on the game’.

“I can see the likes of David Warner and Steve Smith, it puts a downer on them. They’ve had their punishment and they want to enjoy this World Cup and perform to how they want to perform and it was a classy gesture from Kohli.”