Remembering Tyson Fury’s Undertaker moment in first Deontay Wilder fight, a moment Mike Tyson watched in a

When Tyson Fury hit the deck in Los Angeles in 2018, it appeared his title dream was over.

In the twelfth round at the Staples Center, WBC champion Deontay Wilder unleashed a ferocious combination that floored the challenger.

Fury rose like The Undertaker in his coffin, according to his cousin, Nathan Gorman

Fury rose like The Undertaker in his coffin, according to his cousin, Nathan Gorman

Everyone thought it was over, including former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

“And then he got up,” he recalled to BT Sport.

Wilder, a man known for knocking his opponents out, couldn’t believe his eyes.

Tyson said it was like a scene from Rocky, while many others thought it was Fury’s Undertaker moment – his cousin among those.

“When he went down I had my hands on my head,” Nathan Gorman told talkSPORT. “I was going, ‘No! No! No!’

“When he got up, it was like something out of WWE, like the Undertaker when he comes out of the coffin. That’s what it looked like when he got up, he was like a man possessed.

“And then after the knockdown, he won that round! He nearly took Wilder’s head off.”

A glance at Twitter at that moment will have brought up countless memes comparing Fury with the wrestling legend with his famed music being dubbed over the commentary.

And ‘Iron Mike‘ praised Fury’s fighting spirit given that when he got back to his feet, it looked like he might actually win.

“It was amazing,” he laughed as he remembered the astonishing moment.

“I’m a fan and will be interested to see the outcome of this fight.

“It appeared Tyson Fury was over. It appeared that way, but everybody was wrong.

“It takes a great deal of self belief and confidence that you can overcome the situation.”

Fury’s resilience is one of the Brit’s biggest assets and Tyson is predicting the boxer named in his honour will prove to be another tricky customer for the hard-hitting American in the rematch, which is live on talkSPORT.

“I don’t care how hard you punch or how great a puncher you are, it’s hard to beat someone that doesn’t want to quit.

“And that’s just what it is.”