4 potential replacements if Jim Harbaugh leaves for the NFL – GBMWolverine

4 potential replacements if Jim Harbaugh leaves for the NFL – GBMWolverine

It’s been reported that Jim Harbaugh could be interested in leaving Michigan football for the NFL. Here are four potential replacements if he does.

Things can change quickly in the world of college football and Michigan football fans are getting a sense of that after a report about Jim Harbaugh and possible interest in the NFL.

It was being reported and talked about by multiple reporters on Tuesday but Bruce Feldman of The Athletic was the first to report that sources believed Jim Harbaugh could have interest in going to the NFL to coach for the Las Vegas Raiders or Chicago Bears.

Both teams make sense in that Harbaugh has ties to each organization. He coached for the Raiders and was close to Al Davis. Jim Harbaugh also played quarterback for the Chicago Bears and something about coaching that historic franchise would appeal to him.

The Raiders and Bears are former Super Bowl champions that are seeking their former glory and Harbaugh, as he showed with Michigan football and the 49ers, he’s the right man for the job.

The timing could seem strange to some. But, Harbaugh is due a big contract extension from Michigan and now that he’s reached what many assume is Michigan football’s peak, maybe he’s ready to try his hand at the NFL again.

It’s hard to know exactly how this is going to play out. If I had a guess right now, it would be that Harbaugh is on the sidelines for Michigan’s opener next fall.

Yet, that’s far from a sure thing at this point, and if Jim Harbaugh does decide to leave for the NFL, here are four candidates to be Michigan football’s next head coach.