Mbappe’s mother clarifies the current situation – Managing Madrid

The most up to date and accurate information that is currently available with regards to the Kylian Mbappe (never-ending) transfer saga comes straight from the French superstar’s mother, who has revealed what the current situation is.

“The two offers, the one from PSG and the one from Real Madrid, are almost identical,” Mbappe’s mother, Fayza Lamari, said directly to Kora Plus. “At Real, my son will have control of his image rights. Now we will wait for his decision… The two offers do not differ much and we are waiting for let Mbappé choose what he wants.

“We will not have new meetings to discuss the future of Mbappé, these meetings are over. Now we have reached an agreement with both Real Madrid and PSG and the discussions are over because now it is Kylian who has to choose.”

What once was a sense of ‘calm’ at the club regarding Mbappe’s future, now has a turned to a sense of confusion and ‘anxiety’.

Having said that, this could go either way, and as we seemingly say every hour, we’ll know ‘soon’ — probably by this weekend.