The best of Ally McCoist 2019: Every time the Scotland legend has lost it on air, including hilarious fantasy

The best of Ally McCoist 2019: Every time the Scotland legend has lost it on air, including hilarious fantasy

As another eventful year of sporting action and frivolity comes to a close, what better way to spend your Christmas… than looking back at the best bits of Ally McCoist on talkSPORT!

The Scottish football legend has emerged as one of the great storytellers of our time during his stint on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, and with one of the planet’s most infectious laughs to boot.

You can’t help but laugh along with Ally McCoist when he loses it on talkSPORT


You can’t help but laugh along with Ally McCoist when he loses it on talkSPORT

And 2019 has been another year of hilarious tales and side-splitting moments from the man from East Kilbride.

Honestly, there have been far too many for us to include in one story, so we have collated the best bits off Ally’s 2019 as we look forward to another marvellous year of McCoist on the talkSPORT airwaves.

He never fails to bring a smile to your face…

His iconic new haircut story:

It’s only a few weeks old, but we kick things off with a story that has already gone down in talkSPORT folklore.

As the headline says, it’s the most Scottish thing to happen, ever.

Listen to the hair-erasing tale as told by the man himself…

The story behind Ally McCoist’s new haircut is brilliant and the most Scottish thing to happen ever!

talkSPORT listeners’ fantasy XIs:

If there’s one part of the Sports Breakfast show everybody loves, it’s when Ally asks fans for their fantasy XI suggestions.

Seriously, Ally is barely able to speak when he reads out your player puns, and he laughs so much his head turns to an Alan Brazil shade of red.

Check out the best of Ally’s reactions from 2019 below, including a sensational Biscuit XI that is a firm favourite in the talkSPORT offices!

Making fun of Mr Brazil:

From his ever-reddening face to his fashion sense, Ally has spent 12 months poking fun at his fellow Glaswegian.

Here’s some of the highlights – and don’t feel too sorry for Big Al, he takes it all on the chin(s)!

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Ayr:

We all know Ally loves a sing-song, and while he actually has a pretty decent voice, he has all the timing of a Paul Scholes tackle.

We’ve all seen him take on tunes by Spandau Ballet, One Direction and Olly Murs, but 2019 saw the best of them all – his extra-special (and extra-Scottish) rendition of everybody’s favourite TV theme song…

Ally and Ricky Tomlinson’s Christmas No.1 fail:

No one quite knew what to expect when legendary Mike Bassett and Royale Family actor Ricky Tomlinson was invited on air to plug supermarket chain Co-op’s funeral plan… but it wasn’t this.

Why was he plugging funerals on talkSPORT? We have no idea, but what ensued what a conversation as hilarious as it was completely mad, as Ally and Ricky reminisced about their failed attempt at a Christmas No.1 duet.

Is it a true story? When it’s this funny, who cares?

Incidentally, Ricky was having so much fun he completely forgot to talk about what he was supposed to be plugging!

Ally McCoist and Ricky Tomlinson crack up on air over hilarious story

When Glen Hoddle gave Ally a fright live on air:

Back in June, Glenn Hoddle chose the worst possible time to drop off the line when speaking to Ally and Alan on the Sports Breakfast.

In a hilarious moment, the 61-year-old went silent when asked about his health, much to the horror of McCoist.

“Whatever you do Glenn, please give us a call back,” the Scotsman said after the Tottenham legend’s line dropped.

“Holy smokes, I can’t relax.”


Here’s to another hilarious year, Ally!

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