Kirk Cousins claims he would have missed Sunday’s game, even if vaccinated – NBC Sports

Kirk Cousins claims he would have missed Sunday’s game, even if vaccinated – NBC Sports

Los Angeles Rams v. Minnesota Vikings

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The argument that someone pushed to multiple reporters on Friday gained validation from Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins on Wednesday. Vaccinated or not, he would have missed Sunday’s critical contest against the Packers.

Meeting with reporters on his first day back from a five-day absence, Cousins said that, because he was experiencing mild symptoms, he would have tested positive and missed the Week 17 game against the Packers.

“In my instance it wouldn’t have mattered, just because I had mild symptoms,” Cousins told reporters. “They don’t want you playing the game with COVID. I would have tested positive regardless. So in my case, it didn’t make a big difference.”

But maybe he would have had no symptoms if he had been vaccinated. Or maybe, if vaccinated and thus not subject to mandatory testing, he wouldn’t have noticed or mentioned the mild symptoms and showed up for what was, ultimately, a fatal blow to the team’s playoff chances.

Or maybe he wasn’t experiencing symptoms at all. As an unvaccinated player, he was tested every day. Why even bother to self-report symptoms?

“Hey, you probably should test me today, even though you’re going to test me anyway.”

Regardless, the Vikings are done — and many will be watching and waiting for see whether ownership continues the “just good enough” dog paddle, or whether it insists on major changes for a team that has qualified for the playoffs only once in four years since the Minneapolis Miracle.

Even though Cousins said on Wednesday that he hopes to be a Viking for life, plenty of fan would prefer to see him continue his life and career with another team.